HackaTRON Season 5

3400 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 10
3400 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 10

This campaign is over.

starts on:
Jul 06, 2023, 04:00 PM UTC (UTC)
ends on:
Oct 06, 2023, 12:00 AM UTC (UTC)


TRON DAO is thrilled to launch the 2023 HackaTRON s5. This HackaTRON is designed not only to empower developers to enhance their BUIDLing skills but also to facilitate connections among the global blockchain ecosystems.

Those who are non-coders can also gain by actively participating in our TRON DAO forum. The future is not far from widespread decentralized storage, decentralized applications, digital assets, and cryptocurrency wallets. With the increasing use of decentralized, peer-to-peer, and secure networks, blockchain is becoming the backbone of Web 3.0 — the decentralized web.

The HackaTRON season 5 creates opportunities for unheard talents to make their marks and accelerate the development of Web 3.0 while promoting the growth of the blockchain ecosystem at the same time.

Furthermore, developing on the BitTorrent Chain would allow one to easily convert the developed application to work on different blockchain platforms such as TRON, Ethereum, BNB Chain, and other blockchain platforms in the near future.

With a 500,000 USDD prize pool on TRON it is time to build!

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Entry Requirements

Please make sure to read fully about eligibility and requirements in the rules section.

Feel free to join our Official Hackathon Telegram Channel to ask any questions.


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Contribute to the transition of Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 by introducing useful DAO tools, SocialFi, blockchain/web infrastructure, SDKs and other Dapps. Applications that are not centered around NFTs, Finance or gaming.


Transforming finance through decentralization. Empowering individuals with transparent, accessible, and inclusive protocols for asset management and wealth creation.


Unleash your creative prowess in visual projects that embrace GameFi, NFTs, assets, and ventures related to the Metaverse. Showcasing your submission’s blockchain-related nature and its potential to benefit from the integration of blockchain elements is a must.


For teams who have previously participated in TRON hackathon and have a working project that they would like to improve upon and update with new features. These projects should demonstrate significant advancements and improvements over their previous versions.


Embrace the power of Artificial Intelligence to make a positive impact. These projects should leverage the capabilities of the TRON/BTTC blockchain to craft solutions that promote the usage of AI or contribute to an AI-centric future. Possibilities include AI blockchain developer support, NFT-based AI generation, or any AI implementation using TRON and BTTC.

Prizes USD 500000 in prizes

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All prizes are denominated in USDD.

Click to learn more about prize eligibility / delivery!

Main Prizes
1st Place Web3
USD 25000

Awarded by the TRON HackaTron Season 5 judges.

2nd Place Web3
USD 15000

Awarded by the TRON HackaTron Season 5 judges.

3rd Place Web3
USD 10000

Awarded by the TRON HackaTron Season 5 judges.


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